Carpet 1

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Step up your event game with our fab carpets! Whether it’s a beach bash or a villa party, our carpets add that splash of style you’re craving. Don’t miss out, rent your chic piece of the party today!



Did you know that the tradition of using luxurious carpets at weddings finds a unique twist in Ibiza? In this vibrant island, known for its stunning beaches and legendary parties, carpets are often used to create stylish chill-out areas at wedding receptions. These aren’t just any carpets, but vibrant, plush fabrics that set the stage for relaxation and celebration under the Balearic stars. Blending the traditional symbolism of carpets with Ibiza’s contemporary, free-spirited lifestyle, they offer guests a cozy, intimate space to unwind and revel in the joy of the occasion. This chic, laid-back approach to wedding decor perfectly captures the essence of an Ibiza wedding, combining luxury with a touch of bohemian ease.