Pillow 10


Spruce up your space with our cheeky Ibiza cushions! Perfect for lounging under the island sun or jazzing up your party scene. Don’t just sit there, style your event with the comfiest cushions in town. Grab yours now and let the good times roll!



Did you know that in Ibiza, where the nightlife never stops and the parties are legendary, even the humble cushion has its own claim to fame? Inspired by the island’s electric atmosphere, our cushions are not just for sitting. They’ve witnessed countless sunrises on beachside decks and have been the unsung heroes in impromptu beach pillow fights during the wild fiestas of Sant Joan. So next time you lounge on one of our plush cushions, remember, you’re sharing a seat with the spirit of Ibiza’s party scene. Who knows? Maybe they’ll inspire your next legendary move!


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